Bec Conant

Bec Conant

Bec Conant is an E-RYT 500hr with Yoga Alliance with a RPYT specialty. She has been teaching Yoga since 2001, and Pre-natal Yoga since 2002, first in New York City, and now in Boston MA since 2005. She began her yoga training with Cyndi Lee at OM Yoga, and later went on to study in Boston with Barbara Benagh. Her initial training in pre-natal yoga came through Janice Clarfield in 2002, and Judith Lasater in 2003. Bec is also a trained doula (birth coach) through DONA International, and a certified HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator in the Mongan Method, a childbirth technique that combines deep relaxation with self-hypnosis for ease in labor. Through her experiences teaching support techniques and attending births, she has developed an understanding of how meditative, yogic, body awareness plays a vital role in labor and delivery, and how the yoga practice can foster that connection and inner wisdom. She has taught hundreds of pregnant women throughout the Boston area at The Blissful Monkey Yoga Center, Isis Parenting, and Inner Strength Studios. In New York she taught at OM Yoga, The Prenatal Yoga Center, and Yoga Haven in Westchester.

Her son Sawyer was born November 21st 2017.

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Bec Conant
  • Prenatal: Side Bend Flow • Bec Conant • 50 min

    This class is both a strong and slow flow focusing on opening the side body. Great for those suffering from low back stiffness, and for those wanting a whole-body flow with baby. Appropriate for any stage of pregnancy.

  • Prenatal: Body Balancing • Bec Conant • 40 min

    Focus on balancing connective tissue throughout the body to promote greater comfort and prepare for labor. Postures cover gentle hip opening, front and back hip opening, as well as lower back. This sequence is loosely based on the Daily Essentials exercises from Spinning Babies.

  • Prenatal: Strong Hips • Bec Conant • 50 min

    Focus on toning and releasing the hips. Exercises include pelvic floor work, glute strengtheners (both kneeling and standing), and outer hip release. This class is great for sciatica or general hip imbalance.

  • Prenatal: New Mom Meditation • Bec Conant • 15 min

    Spend time with your baby and meditate as well! In this video, Bec leads a short mindfulness meditation specifically designed to incorporate the experience of motherhood as part of a spiritual practice. 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation with instruction- and yes your baby can be with you!

  • Prenatal: Adapting Your Practice For Pregnancy • Bec Conant • 25 min

    In this 25 minute video, Bec discusses the 5 key adjustments a pregnant student should be aware of when practicing in a general population class while pregnant. Appropriate for any stage of pregnancy; this video gives you the high level adjustments to make if continuing to take your regular yoga ...

  • Prenatal: Restful Prenatal • Bec Conant • 35 min

    Use a bolster for Balasana (Child’s Pose) and a gentle shoulder-opening twist. Move into a gentle slow flow with squats and wall work, and finish with several restorative postures. Great for calming the nervous system and winding down.

  • Postnatal: Restful Shoulder Openers • Bec Conant • 20 min

    This slow flow sequence uses a rolled blanket bolster to release tension in the shoulders and upper back while allowing you to rest and relax with gravity. Following the bolster work, we stretch the legs and hamstrings form the floor, before sliding into Savasana (Corpse Pose). Suggested props: ...

  • Postnatal: Back & Deep Core • Bec Conant • 20 min

    Begin with a gentle upper back bolster release, then work into basic exercises for deep core stability. Finally, integrate this deep core work into a gentle standing series. Appropriate for anyone more than five weeks postpartum.

  • Postnatal: Shoulder Opening • Bec Conant • 35 min

    Flow to gently work on all aspects of the shoulders and upper spine with the aim of releasing the “new mom” posture. Appropriate for anyone caring for a baby (moms more than five weeks postpartum).

  • Prenatal: Practicing With Baby • Bec Conant • 25 min

    Sometimes you just need to practice but you also can't put baby down – this sequence lets you do both. Gentle active vinyasas into which abs can be incorporated, or not. Sequences include Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) variations, arm strengthening, and of course, deep core.

  • Postpartum: Returning To Your Mat • Bec Conant • 30 min

    In this 30 minute video, Bec discusses when to return to regular yoga class after having a baby, and what to be careful about when you do. This video finishes with simple exercises which can help new moms bring movement back to their bodies safely, and help them return to practice safer and faster.