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Watch this video and more on Down Under On Demand

Postnatal: Back & Deep Core • Bec Conant • 20 min

Bec Conant • 22m

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    Flow to gently work on all aspects of the shoulders and upper spine with the aim of releasing the “new mom” posture. Appropriate for anyone caring for a baby (moms more than five weeks postpartum).

  • Prenatal: Practicing With Baby • Bec ...

    Sometimes you just need to practice but you also can't put baby down – this sequence lets you do both. Gentle active vinyasas into which abs can be incorporated, or not. Sequences include Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) variations, arm strengthening, and of course, deep core.

  • Postpartum: Returning To Your Mat • B...

    In this 30 minute video, Bec discusses when to return to regular yoga class after having a baby, and what to be careful about when you do. This video finishes with simple exercises which can help new moms bring movement back to their bodies safely, and help them return to practice safer and faster.