Jovan Tevin

Jovan Tevin

A professional photographer and dedicated Mysore practitioner, Jovan's gentle grace and kindness makes the Ashtanga practice accessible to all.

Seamlessly in tune with the mind, body, and spirit connection throughout childhood, Jovan first experienced the power of yoga due to a chronic shoulder dislocation that limited Jovan physically more and more each day and eventually limited his growth as an individual. Discovering the potential for yoga practice to restore both internal and external, Jovan traveled to Koh Samui, Thailand to study yoga with the Vikasa Yoga Academy.

Jovan was then recommended to the practice of Ashtanga where his research led him to Down Under School of Yoga. Upon his return to Boston, Jovan immediately delved into the practice of Ashtanga and committed himself to Down Under’s Mysore program under the guidance of Didi Von Deck, Kate O’Donnell, and Rich Ray. The famously physical and vigorous nature of the Ashtanga practice allows Jovan to face himself each day while cultivating self-compassion, meaning for Jovan the rigor of Mysore can interpret "self-discipline as an act of self-love.”

Jovan has a deep fascination with the internal aspect of practice and finds a lot of joy in taking his practice past the physical shell. His travels led him back to Koh Samui years later to complete his 500-hour Universal Yoga Teacher Training, deepening his practice spiritually and helping him to inspire others to continue the process of spiritual evolution.

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Jovan Tevin
  • Ashtanga Fusion: Intermediate Series • Jovan Tevin • 60 min

    In these 60 minutes, Jovan will be guiding you through the first portion of Intermediate Series (w/ modifications) where we begin to strengthen and open the spine, in preparation for deeper backbends. Experience an uplifting energetic response as Jovan keeps you grounded and tuned into the body. ...

  • Flow: Universal Yoga Basics • Jovan Tevin • 40 min

    Universal Yoga, created by Andrey Lappa integrates all systems of Yoga where you get to practice Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Yantra, and Meditation within a single class. In this very short 40 min introduction, Jovan will be taking you through the basics as you begin with classical sun salutations ...

  • Ashtanga Fusion: Advanced Arm Balances • Jovan Tevin • 50 min

    In this 50-minute video, Jovan will be taking you through a challenging series of arm balances followed by passive shoulder stretching. Experience the energetic polarities of water and fire as you build your stamina and concentration. Familiarity with arm balances recommended.

  • Ashtanga Fusion: Shoulder Openers Part 1 • Jovan Tevin • 20 min

    Jovan will be introducing you to a beginning series of Asana’s/Posture’s targeting the shoulders, pectoral muscles and relieving tension away from the neck. This episode contains 3 postures offering up to four variations from the very beginner to the very advanced providing optimal balance throug...

  • Ashtanga: Bakasana (Crow pose) Workshop • Jovan Tevin • 30 min

    Learn the modern and traditional variations of the notorious Bakasana Crow Pose. Jovan will break down the physical technique required as you build your confidence and deepen your understanding of the purpose behind Bakasana.

  • Ashtanga: Breathe Through Salutations • Jovan Tevin • 40 min

    In this 30 minute video, Jovan will be guiding you into your body going as you breathe your way through Sun A, Sun B, and the standing sequence of the Ashtanga Method.

  • Ashtanga Fusion: Longitudinal Splits • Jovan Tevin • 50 min

    Starting off with Traditional Sun Salutations followed by Ashtanga’s Standing Sequence; Jovan’s focus will be on the hamstrings and the muscles within the groins to better access our longitudinal splits.

  • Ashtanga Fusion: Hips & Low Back • Jovan Tevin • 70 min

    In this 70-minute video, Jovan will be taking you through an Ashtanga sequence where the focus is on opening the hips and the muscles in the lower back. Allowing us to feel more grounded within our bodies, on and off the mat.

  • Ashtanga Fusion: Backbends • Jovan Tevin • 70 min

    In this 70-minute video, Jovan will be taking you through an Ashtanga sequence, focusing on lengthening the spine and finding greater access into your backbends. Jump and flow your way through a shuffle of asanas found in intermediate and primary series.