Katherine Worth

Katherine Worth

My yoga journey began when I was in high school. I was finishing up my athletic career and was looking for a new way to stay fit. I quickly became a hot yoga fanatic and was always looking to master challenging arm balances and inversions. It wasn’t until I began and completed my 200-Hour RYT with Petra Lehman-Brauer at Create Power Yoga in 2016 that I found more surrender in my yoga practice. Upon graduating I made my mark as a strong Power Yoga teacher while still playing with creative sequencing in my classes. I continued my yoga education through several Hands-on Assisting Trainings and have found great reward helping those who wish to receive guidance through physical touch. In addition, I am currently enrolled in a 300-Hour RYT with Down Under School of Yoga with Natasha Rizopoulos as my lead trainer. I am working to define my voice as a teacher and dive deeper into anatomy, breath work, sequencing, and yoga theory. Before I am a teacher I am always a student, and I believe that there is always room to grow and learn. Through my current training, I find myself leaning more towards a vinyasa teaching style, but still love the challenge and constancy of the Power Yoga practice. Tension and release remain key elements in my thoughtful alignment-based sequencing. I want students to feel challenged but leave my class feeling refreshed and at home in their bodies.

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Katherine Worth
  • Flow: Finding Opening and Balance • Katherine Worth • 40 min

    This 40-minute flow gets you moving. This practice builds on hip opening and external rotation of the shoulders to land you in a peak pose of Ardha Chandra Chapasana.

    Suggested Props: Blocks

  • Flow: Yoga For Runners • Katherine Worth • 15 min

    Are you looking to feel better before and after your runs? Are you looking for longevity in your running and injury prevention? Join Katherine for this 15 pre-run warm up. This warm-up will help wake up the outer hips and hip flexors to get you feeling more balanced on your runs!

    Suggested Props...