Kim Valerie Povey

Kim Valerie Povey

Kim is a yoga therapist and Ayurveda practitioner. Kim is on the faculty at the Boston Ayurveda School and serves the community of faculty, students, and academic administrators in all aspects of teaching and programming through the Office of Academic and Community Affairs. She brings thirty years of expertise as the Founder and Owner of Yogaspirit Studios and former CEO of Kerala Ayurveda Academy, U.S.A.

Kim is a climate advocate and natural health activist. Her work Greta Thunberg's Tweets: A Maiden's Message to People on the Earth has been displayed at Lesley University's Raizes Gallery at the Lundar Art Center where she has given talks on youth activism, climate justice and citizen engagement. Kim supports Protection and Access to Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Committee for Kim is an advocate for her children’s future and a guide to those seeking solutions for natural health and a sustainable future.

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Kim Valerie Povey
  • Ayurveda: Sleep Tips for Kids • Kim Povey • 15 min

    Kim demonstrates a sleep protocol with her son, Leon. After preparing his favorite bedtime decoction, Kim encourages sleepiness with several quick Ayurvedic tips. Learn a long-time routine that promotes relaxation and settles a child’s restless and active mind.

  • Ayurveda: Satvritti • Kim Povey • 45 min

    Explore the mind’s role in health and wellness in today’s turbulent times. This discussion correlates Ayurveda teachings to various Yoga Sutras in looking at the nature of thoughts through the faculties of perception and discernment. Learn how aspects of the mind are positively affected by Sattva...