Michael Galvin

Michael Galvin

Michael has been a practitioner of yoga for more than a decade and is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher at the Intro I/II level. Before finding a home in the Iyengar community, he spent many years teaching heated flows and 200-hour teacher trainings. Michael draws from his many years of teaching vinyasa and restorative yoga to put together classes that are as active and fun as they are informative.

A classical violinist by training, Michael runs a strings program for some 300 students in grades three through eight, where he employs yoga as a compendium to guide in the practice and performance of music. He works often as a consultant with top strings students and their teachers to address postural and technical deficiencies, whilst cultivating effective practice.

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Michael Galvin
  • Iyengar - All Levels • Michael Galvin • 60min

    BKS Iyengar often spoke of letting every pore of the skin become an eye. In this all-level class, we’ll explore how to cultivate and expand awareness using the hands and arms. We’ll explore alignment from the core to the periphery, and awareness from the periphery to the core.

    Suggested Props: ...

  • Iyengar: Swastikasana & Savasana: Bookending Practice • Michael Galvin • 30 min

    Explore the importance of the transition from one part of your day to another. Mark the transition into your yoga practice by cultivating awareness in a simple seated pose and then enjoy a restful Savasana (Corpse Pose). For those who struggle with the stillness and the quiet of Savasana, the pos...