Titles Available for Purchase

  • Solvents & Glue Workshop with Didi Von Deck

    4 videos  |   Buy $99.99

    Feldenkrais-based Solvents and Glue is a unique series of movement sequences designed to improve how you sit, stand, and move by creating more mobility in the spine and pelvis.

    This mobility is balanced with stability throughout the joints of the body. The movements are simple and will strength...

  • Patricia Walden Master Class: Twists

    1 video  |   Buy $24.99

    Join esteemed Iyengar Master Teacher, Patricia Walden for a practice focusing on twists. Patricia, along with her students Cathie Ryder and Heloise Darcq, will guide you through the multitude of ways in which twists can be approached and achieved leaving you enlightened.

    Suggested Props: Blanket...

  • 4 Week Immersion Series with Natasha

    15 videos  |   Buy $149.99

    Spend 4 weeks practicing asana and theory with Natasha Rizopolous. The program includes 9 full asana classes with each focusing on a different kind of posture including backbends, inversions and standing poses. On Fridays spend the time learning yoga theory with Natasha as she reviews Yoga Sutr...

  • 21 Day Meditation Course with David Magone

    23 videos  |   Buy $149.99

    Unlock the Power of Meditation with our 21-Day Course!
    Are you ready to reduce stress, improve your focus, and increase your self-awareness? Our online course, based on the teachings of Tibetan monasteries, will provide you with the tools you need to take your meditation practice to the next leve...