• Meditation: Of the Heart (Part I) Sabbi Lall 25 min

    This seated meditation practice focuses on the heart space as a way of centering.

    Suggested props: Blanket
    All levels

  • Restorative: Happy Hips and Shoulders • David Magone • 55 min

    This floor based practice will help you passively release tension from your hips, spine and shoulders. The practice includes a guided breath work practice for stress relief as well.

    Suggested props: Bolster

  • Meet your Instructor: Ashley Mitchell

    Ashley is renowned for serving up some of the most intense, high-energy classes in the fitness space, while understanding and influencing the collective behaviors of those around her with empathy, instinct, and unapologetic candor.

  • Strength & Conditioning: Upper Body Burn • Susan LoPiccolo • 20 min

    Basic moves targeting all major upper body muscle groups.
    Suggested props: Set of light weights

  • Power Flow: Float & Flow • BrittneyB • 40min

    Infuse some joy and play into your flow! Brittney will guide you through a power vinyasa class with a focus on creating the building blocks to play with arm balancing. This class offers a challenging flow leading to the opportunity to play with the arm balance Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2 (Hurdlers ...

  • Flow: Core Burn • Susan LoPiccolo • 30min

    Get your core fired up in this all-level class. No equipment is needed and modifications are provided.

  • Flow: Backbend Drills • Sara Bravo • 15 min

    Let's dive deeper into some backbends moves. Sara takes you through some drills to work on the upper spine and hips that you can easily practice at home. It's a journey, so take your time, start slow, and with consistency, you'll notice the progress you make!

    Suggested Props: 2 Blocks and a St...

  • Flow: Asana Clinic for two Back Bends • Larisa Forman • 25 min

    Step by step breakdown for Ardha Bekhasana and Gerasana.

    No suggested props.

  • Relax & Renew: Full Body Stretch • David Magone • 60 min

    This sixty-minute class is designed to help you unwind. Explore floor-based hip opening postures, tension-relieving stretches for your back and spine, and guided breath work for anxiety relief.

    Suggested Props: Bolster and a Yoga Mat

  • Flow: Body & Breath in Movement • Brittney B • 30 min

    In this flowing sequence, coordinate the movement of your breath with the movement of your body in a way that allows you to intentionally place your mind and body in each asana with care.

    Suggested props: 2 Blocks

  • Meditation

    21 items

    Drawing from Yoga and Buddhist teachings, the purpose of these classes is to support and refine students' meditation practice. Each class features a contextual conversation on meditation philosophies and a guided meditation. Open to all levels.

  • Ayurveda

    2 items

    Ayurveda originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is the oldest continuously practiced health-care system in the world. Ayurveda is the science of nature, largely preventative care, enhancing self-awareness to help us make choices that support well-being. This system encourages us to cat...

  • Myofascial Release

    2 items

    Using self-massage techniques on the fibrous network of tissues that interweave with muscles, joints, and organs, students release muscle tension, common areas of discomfort, and stiffness. With deep breathing, students roll body weight onto any physio-ball at home (tennis, lacrosse, massage, or ...

  • Feldenkrais

    19 items

    Expand the boundaries of what is possible by using the mind-body connection to improve and fine tune how you move. Through gentle movements practiced with focused attention, increase ease of movement, flexibility, and coordination while reducing any discomfort or pain that may be present. Based o...