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Watch this video and more on Down Under On Demand

Building Chaturanga • Kate Heffernan • 8 min

Pose Tutorials • 8m 6s

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  • Breaking Down Bakasana (Crow pose) • ...

    This practice will lead practitioners through several variations on how to do bakasana using blocks & a blanket.

    Suggested props: 2 Blocks and Blanket

  • Flow: Twisting and Binding • Didi von...

    The primary series Marichasanas are challenging to the shoulders, hips and spine, as well as to the mind. Finding some space between the ribs can help. This video shares some tips to help you find ease in these poses.

    Suggested props: Towel or Strap

  • Ashtanga: Drop Backs • Didi von Deck ...

    Dropping back into and then standing up from a backbend can be fun and empowering, and you don’t need to be a gymnast! This class starts by warming up the back, legs, and shoulders. You’ll then use a wall as a prop to practice this skill on your own.

    Suggested Props: A Blank Wall