Stephen Gresham

Stephen Gresham

We exist within environments that can influence what we dream is possible. Powerful environments can reflect, value, and embolden the spirit such that we begin to question the limits of our own potential and the benefits of engaging the “what if...”.

What if we encourage ourselves to imagine the possibility of stepping in when the tendency is stepping back? What if we encourage ourselves to pause when the reflex is to react? What if we push ourselves to believe when the pattern is to doubt?

As a psychologist, adjunct professor, and yoga teacher, Stephen understands his role as a collaborator, guide, and provocateur. He delicately engages in dialogue helping students to understand and influence their narratives. With curiosity, Stephen reflects upon the perceived limitations imposed by their minds. He challenges students to approach possibilities in service of uncovering and relishing in the awe of standing within oneself.

Stephen shares being passionate about issues of social justice and promoting advocacy; he brings these same passions to yoga. Supporting the creation of inclusive and affirming environments is important to him. He completed his 200-hour teacher training in 2017 with the hope of understanding how he could contribute to co-creating an environment that is both inclusive of all students as well as supportive of compassionate self-connectedness. He completed his 300-hour teacher training in 2019 at Down Under with the mission of creating nuance in his voice and depth in his perspective. Stephen’s understanding is that teachers are only as effective as their willingness to ask of themselves the difficult questions that they ask of others. He endeavors to pursue his own conclusions to these questions, while also calling for others to join, collaborate, and co-create with him.

His classes are soulful, joyous, and passionate. Stephen works to establish an environment that encourages students to take up space, to stand in their light, and to find strength and joy in moments of doubt and intensity. He understands that each person arrives with strength and an internal resilience possibly in need of space and encouragement to bloom.

Stephen is a lover of R&B music, especially Janet Jackson, so don’t be surprised if he plays Rhythm Nation.

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Stephen Gresham
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