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Qigong: Eight Brocade • Daniel Orlansky • 30 min

Daniel Orlansky • 32m

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    Four Qigong practices for the water element. When the body flows like running water, it is always renewed, always fresh. This is true freedom.
    Suggested props: Yoga mat

  • Qigong: Flow for Sun, Moon, and Sky •...

    Qigong translates as “life energy cultivation” and utilizes practices that enhance the flow of life force in body, mind and spirit. The rhythm of body and breath brings the mind to stillness, and the movement of energy is experienced as pure joy.

    Suggested Props: yoga mat

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    This practice includes a three-part Pranayama (breath work) sequence that improves the flow of energy in the lower chakras, improves digestive fire for better digestion and elimination, exercises mula and uddiyana bandhas, and brings light to ones being. It has benefits for the physical, energy, ...