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Watch this video and more on Down Under On Demand

Feldenkrais: Lengthening and Strengthening the Back Didi Von Deck 16 min

Didi von Deck • 34m

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  • Feldenkrais: Becoming Taller through ...

    Find more length in your spine and neck through gentle folding of your chest, belly and spine.
    Suggested props: block or cushion to sit on

  • Asthanga: Pranayama • Didi von Deck •...

    This Ashtanga breathing sequence will focus your attention inward to quiet your mind. Short breath retentions will keep the mind steady. This practice can be a prelude for sitting meditation or as a meditation in itself.
    Suggested props: whatever would make you comfortable sitting

  • Feldenkrais: Oiling the hip joints • ...

    Find mobility and strength in the lower back and pelvis in this class done while sitting on the floor. Your hips will feel well oiled and your hamstrings will feel long and relaxed. Great for walking, running, hiking and skiing.
    Suggested props: Blankets to sit on