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Watch this video and more on Down Under On Demand

Iyengar: Let's Twist Again • Nadja Refaie • 30 min

Nadja Refaie • 27m

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  • Covid recovery sequence: Introduction...

    Recovering from Covid-19, even the "mild" variant, can be challenging. This sequence is built on the work of Lois Steinberg, and the Iyengar yoga Association of the UK Therapeutics Committee. They both produced resources in spring of 2020, links below. (I highly recommend especially the booklet t...

  • Iyengar:3 Ways to do Trkonasana, Tria...

    Explore woking with different props to deepen your understanding of triangle pose, trkonasana. We teach 3 versions of trkonasana focusing on stability, mobility and creating length. This exploration finishes with a standing forward bend.

    Suggested Props: wall, chair, blocks

  • Iyengar: Inversion Practice for Begin...

    Join Nadja for a sequence that prepares you for headstand and shoulderstand. Please have some knowledge of these poses before trying them on your own. Tristan and Heloise demonstrate 2 ways to practice each pose, one with more support, one with less.

    Suggested props: blankets, blocks, belt