Solvents & Glue Workshop with Didi Von Deck

Solvents & Glue Workshop with Didi Von Deck

Feldenkrais-based Solvents and Glue is a unique series of movement sequences designed to improve how you sit, stand, and move by creating more mobility in the spine and pelvis.

This mobility is balanced with stability throughout the joints of the body. The movements are simple and will strengthen and tone all muscle groups while improving flexibility. The sequences build from class to class but each class stands on its own.

After each workshop, a handout of the exercises will be provided so you can continue your practice at home.

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 Solvents & Glue Workshop with Didi Von Deck
  • Week 1: Overall Ease & Strength

    Overall ease & strength: Movement initiated from the pelvis is powerful and efficient. We will explore multiple options for pelvis movement to create more effective and comfortable movement, relieving back and leg pain in the process.

  • Week 2: Relieving Lower Back Pain

    Relieving low back pain: The pelvis will be the foundation for exercises strengthening the legs, hips and back.

  • Week 3: Cultivating Power

    Cultivating Power: Using a pilates ring or yoga block, we will strengthen the upper back, chest, shoulders and arms which will improve posture and help you create a more powerful image of yourself.

  • Week 4: Connection & Synergy

    Connection & Synergy: Focusing on the connection of the pelvis with the spine and upper body, we will see how mobility of the pelvis can lead to more mobile joints throughout the body. We will continue with new strengthening exercises. Our ability to move through space in all directions with ea...

  • Movement Guide - Solvents and Glues

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