Sami Lea Konczewski

Sami Lea Konczewski

Yoga saved Sami’s life; it’s from that place of determination and vulnerability that she teaches. A former ballerina, Sami originally turned to yoga to give her pain relief after back and hip surgery at 16 and 21. In late 2014, Sami tragically lost her then fiancé. Her experience with trauma and grief completely changed her outlook on yoga. It was no longer simply a way to challenge her physicality; rather, it became an imperative tool towards survival and peace. Equipped with those tools and committed to love, Sami was determined for a happy ending. She got married in 2019 to her incredible husband Patrick and they welcomed a daughter in July 2019. Motherhood has become Sami’s most recent muse in her journey. Armed with experience, grace, and empathy, Sami’s classes mix creatively challenging sequencing with candid rawness and emotion.

Sami completed her first 200 Hour Teacher Training in Austin in 2009 with her mentor, Desirae Pierce. Additionally, Sami has attended Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and various other programs with Baron Baptiste both as a student and assistant. She completed her 300 Hour Teacher Training at Down Under School of Yoga under Natasha Rizopolous in 2018. Sami has continued her studies through additional trainings, workshops, and dedicated study with other renowned teachers who inspire her to always be a student while evolving as a teacher. Some of these teachers include Patricia Walden, Gioconda Parker, Christina Sell, John Friend, Leah Cullis, Seane Corn, Shiva Rae, Mary Taylor, Jeanie Manchester, Sianna Sherman, Stephen Uvalle, Amy Ippoliti, Shannon Paige, David Kyle, Rod Stryker, Tias Little, and Ray Long. Beyond specific teachers, Sami’s classes are inspired by the steadfast alignment of (what was) Anusara, the lyrical dance of Vinyasa, the diligence of Ashtanga, the precision of Iyengar, and the value of slowing down through Yin.

Sami has been featured in various national publications as a cover model, teacher, and contributor including Origin Magazine, Mantra Yoga & Health, Colorado Yoga Magazine, and New York Yoga + Life; and in the book The Yoga Fix. From Burning Man and Yoga Reaches Out to Wanderlust and Love Yoga Festival, she has taught and assisted at many festivals and events, but her most humbling memory was the opportunity to teach at The White House during the annual Easter Egg Roll celebration. Teaching yoga to smiling children as the President and First Lady led the national anthem is something she’ll never forget.

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Sami Lea Konczewski
  • Power: Detox Twist • Sami Lea Konczewski • 45 min

    Wring yourself out with this twisty Power Flow with Sami. You'll visit a steep mountain of twists moving from the earth to the sky. All levels welcome!

    Suggested Props: 2 blocks

  • Flow: Circles Around the Sun • Sami Lea Konczewski • 60 min

    Connect with the spirals of your body and the cycles of nature as you float through this mandala flow with Sami. You'll touch each major part of your body, shedding light and inviting space within so that you can tackle the depth and darkness with your breath. All levels welcome!

    Suggested Props...

  • Power: Hands Down, Sky High • Sami Lea Konczewski • 40 min

    The journey towards handstand moves through peaks and valleys. Discovering sweet moments of joy in the shape are often balanced by moments of fear, anticipation, frustration, and exhaustion. We've all heard the cliches about the journey being more important than the destination, but they're out t...

  • Flow: Hip Opening • Sami Lea Konczewski • 30 min

    Enjoy a nourishing dive into the hips in this short Vinyasa flow class. Give your upper body a break as this class focuses on warming and creating spaciousness in the lower half. Move through lizard lunge, a few standing poses including Garudasana (Eagle Pose), and then wind down with Eka Pada Ra...

  • Flow: Core Crush • Sami Lea Konczewski • 15 min

    Invigorate and strengthen your center. This is a great add-on for your yoga practice or can be taken independently if you have a limited amount of time. Move through several variations of belly-up ab exercises and end with plank variations. Tune in to feel connected to your internal fire.

  • Flow: Open Heart & Hammies • Sami Lea Konczewski • 35 min

    Sami preps your spine and legs for some glorious backbending that will leave you feeling effervescent.

    Suggested Props: 2 blocks & a strap