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Watch this video and more on Down Under On Demand

Restorative: Full Body Release David Magone 50 min

45 min • 49m

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  • Power Flow: Feel the Buzz Franny Diaz...

    A classic, full body, Franny flow, with attention to detail. You'll work with lunges, twists, back bends, standing splits, balancing, and of course, there’s always options to make it your own!
    Suggested props: Blankets and Block
    Level: Intermediate

  • Iyengar: Standing Poses with a foldin...

    Use your folding or yoga chair to enhance common standing poses - Downward Facing Dog, Standing Forward Fold, Triangle and Side Angle, Parsvottanasana, and a very lifted Bridge pose, as well as a truly deeply relaxing Savasana. Any folding chair should work. You will want to be at a wall as well....

  • Feldenkreis: Lubricating the Hips • ...

    Increasing mobility of the pelvis and hips will allow you to move like a well-oiled machine. We'll gradually go from lying on the floor to a more upright position to help your pelvis find its optimal alignment and allow for easier walking, running, and moving as you want!

    No props suggested.