4 Week Immersion Series with Natasha

4 Week Immersion Series with Natasha

Spend 4 weeks practicing asana and theory with Natasha Rizopolous. The program includes 9 full asana classes with each focusing on a different kind of posture including backbends, inversions and standing poses. On Fridays spend the time learning yoga theory with Natasha as she reviews Yoga Sutras from Patanjali and begin to understand how to take your practice off the mat. Sundays is where you will receive a personal writing from Natasha to go along with the yoga sutra discussed that week. Spend some time on this day to personally reflect on the theory.

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4 Week Immersion Series with Natasha
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  • Welcome: Day 1

    Welcome to the Immersion Series! Natasha will explain what to expect, how she has developed the program and what props she suggests.

  • Sun Sailing: Refine and Deepen Your Surya Namaskar A • 40 min

    Move through a progressive series of postures exploring the essential actions and alignment of Surya Namaskar A (Sun Salutation A). Build strength and flexibility in the shoulders and core, and develop an understanding of the relationships and transitions between poses. With this clarity, you'll ...

  • Straight Up Stability: The Core • 65 min

    In today’s strengthening practice we’ll examine several aspects of Core stabilization. We’ll explore the deep abdominals, spinal muscles, hip flexors and side hips, all elements that contribute to integrated balance and tone. This work will allow you to radiate strength from your center in all yo...

  • Flow: Take Flight – Arm Balances for Everyone • Natasha Rizopoulos • 60 min

    In this playful practice, we’ll examine the essential actions and intentions that inform a variety of arm balances. Whether you are refining an existing relationship with these shapes or looking to build one, you’ll establish a deeper understanding of the combination of strength and mobility tha...

  • Strong Legs, Powerful Practice: Part 1 • 60 min

    Develop stability and mobility in your legs and hips and feel the effects throughout your practice. This class will focus upon poses in which the hips are in external rotation, lengthening the inner thighs and strengthening the outer hips to cultivate balance and power.

  • Strong & Free: Balance Your Hips • 60 min

    In this practice we will focus on creating a balance between strength and mobility in your hips. We’ll begin seated, and then progress to a series of standing and supine poses that will increase the range of motion in your hips and also activate an important hip stabilizer. Prepare to experience ...

  • Getting Unstuck: Mobilize the Upper Back • 70 min

    In this backbending practice, we’ll bring more awareness, strength and movement to the thoracic, a part of the spine that tends to get stiffer and more rounded over time. The class will focus on poses that bring more intelligence and mobility to this region, using a series of progressive backbend...

  • Strong Legs, Powerful Practice: Part 2 • 65 min

    Develop stability and mobility in your legs and hips and feel the effects throughout your practice. This class will focus upon poses in which the hips are neutral, lengthening the hamstrings and hip flexors to release congestion and find freedom in the lower body.

  • Flip Your Perspective & Stand on Your Hands • 60 min

    In this practice, we’ll work on developing the shoulder strength and mobility that contribute to Full Arm Balance. Along the way, we’ll also tone the legs and abdomen, so the entire body becomes alert and engaged. The class finishes with a Handstand but does not require that you already have ease...

  • Roots & Wings: The Forearm Balance

  • Dharma Talk 1: Sutra 1:1


  • Dharma Talk 2: Sutra 1.2


  • Dharma Talk 3: Sutra 1:3


  • Dharma Talk 4: Sutra 1:4