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Watch this video and more on Down Under On Demand

Flow: Open Heart & Hammies • Sami Lea Konczewski • 35 min

Flow • 36m

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  • Flow: Organize and Strengthen with Br...

    Use focused Pranayama (breathwork), like Kapalabhati (fire breathing) and lions breath, and movement and to help you reorganize any misplaced tension and practice being with moments of discomfort with a bit more strength and ease.

    Suggested props: Blanket or towel for knee sensitivity.

  • Flow: Outer Hip Flow • Kate H • 60 min

    This flow practice will work to strengthen & mobilize the muscles of the outer hip through standing & balancing poses.

    Suggested props: Two blocks & a blanket

  • Flow: (Part 1) Anchor & Open • Brittn...

    (Part One) This strong flow offers a focus on hip strengthening and opening, utilizing Warriors II and III woven into your Sun Salutations. You get to experience both the anchor of your feet on the earth and your strong legs supporting you, right alongside the opportunity to soften and open in ...