Charles Jacobs

Charles Jacobs

Professional musician, power yoga and meditation teacher and sound creator, Charlie Jacobs is a force of nature. As a professional flutist and composer, Charlie “composes” each of his powerful sequences, challenging students to explore their edge while inviting all to be part of the orchestra. Because music helps us feel fully alive, his playlists are magic and his classes may contain live music. Recruited to be the Lead Trainer, Teacher and Manager of Corepower's Back Bay Boston Studio, Charlie's reputation as a dynamic and thoughtful teacher is complemented by being one of the most likable guys you'll ever meet. Charlie's deeply resonant voice and metronome-like rhythms create a grounded atmosphere that allows his compelling sequencing and dialogue to shine. Despite the vigor, Charlie's philosophical teachings are simple and impactful and his healing skills as a musician, reiki practitioner, and meditation teacher are always present. Charlie's fusion of yoga, music, and meditation welcomes students to explore their true nature while offering physical intensity, a spirit of lightness, and joyful play.

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Charles Jacobs
  • Meditation: Sleep Time Muscle Relaxation • Charles Jacobs • 10 min

    Ready to get cozy for bed? We'll use progressive muscle relaxation together so you can drift off to sleep with ease. This recording will end with no sound so you can drift right to sleep without looking at your phone.

    Suggested Props: Two Blankets

  • Meditation: Loving Kindness: Ease into Bliss • Charles Jacobs • 10 min

    Learn how you can use your memory to invoke high-vibrational positive emotions to uplift your energy! Whether you are new or have years of experience practicing meditation, this will allow you to tap into bliss.

    Suggested Props: Pillow, cushion, or bolster

  • Flow: Journey to Headstand: Prep & Tutorial • Charles Jacobs • 15 min

    This simple tutorial is meant to help increase your balance and focus in headstand with three easy postures beforehand. For this practice, it's best to have warmed up thoroughly before practicing.

    Suggested Props: Two thick blankets.

  • Flow: Fly Your Crow (Bakasana): Tutorial • Charles Jacobs • 5 min

    Discover your flying abilities with Crow! You'll learn the basics on alignment and strengthen your alignment. This is great whether you are starting arm balances, or looking to add stability to an already existing practice.

    Suggested Props: One block

  • Meditation: Box Breathing • Charles Jacobs • 10 min

    Discover what deep, intentional, and metered breathing can do for your peace of mind. Whether you are brand new to meditation and/or breath-work or have been practicing for years, this simple practice is for you.

    Suggested Props: pillow, cushion, or bolster

  • Flow: Foundations • Charles Jacobs • 60 min

    In this class, you will move at a slow-moderate pace with attention to detail in alignment. Because this is a foundational class, this is great for someone who is new to Yoga and someone who is still developing their practice.

    Suggested Props: Two Blocks

  • Power: Deepen Your Inner Connection • Charles Jacobs • 75 min

    You will sweat, build flexibility, work up to headstand, and because your body deserves deep rest and recovery, you will complete your practice with a guided Yoga Nidra meditation.

    Suggested props: Two blocks

  • Meditation: Yoga Nidra/Body Scan Meditation • Charles Jacobs • 15 min

    This Yoga Nidra (or body scan meditation) will take you into a deep state of self-connection and relaxation. Because of the nature of Yoga Nidra, this is a great practice for bedtime and any other time you need to ground yourself into your body.

    Suggested props: Blankets, bolster, and blocks

  • Yoga Sculpt: Fire Up Your Sides & Glutes • Charles Jacobs • 60 min

    You will experience a mix of traditional vinyasa yoga mixed with functional strength and endurance training. This class is for those of you looking to tone, strengthen, and energize your entire body with a focus on lower body and obliques.

    Suggested Props: Two sets of weights (one lighter, one ...