Franny Diaz-Gilligan

Franny Diaz-Gilligan

Just like herself, Franny’s classes are powerful and spicy, yet mellow. She completed her 200 hour at Radiant Life Yoga in her home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota before moving to Boston to complete her bachelors degree at Berklee College of Music. Franny deepened her studies with the Art of Assisting program at Down Under School of Yoga where she explored the energy exchange of intentional hands on adjustments and assists. In her classes, students will hold and they will flow. They will face challenge and fire and release and just feel. She guides her students towards transformative experiences of the mind and soul through breath, imagery, and subtle body awareness. Franny brings levity and joy to the safe and exploratory space that she holds for her students.

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Franny Diaz-Gilligan
  • Flow: Neck & Shoulders • Franny Diaz Gilligan • 35 minutes

    Props: Strap, Blocks, Tennis Ball

  • Restorative: Supported Shoulder Stand • Franny Diaz Gilligan • 10 minutes

    Explore the ever-changing sensations of long held inversions with Franny. Fill your asana, sarvangasana, with ease.

    Props: 3 blankets, block

  • Flow: Hips & Back Extension • Franny Diaz Gilligan • 45 minutes

  • Slow Flow for All Levels • Franny Diaz Gilligan • 45 Minutes

    This class is a fully body vinyasa exploration at a slower pace. Franny spends time moving through classic vinyasa sequences and takes time to stop and breathe in between. The perfect class for a mid-week break from your normal routine.

    All Levels
    Props: 2 Blocks, 1 Blanket

  • 30 Minute Slow Flow with Franny Diaz Gilligan

    Luxuriate in the potency of slowing down with 30 minutes of Slow Flow with Franny Diaz Gilligan. This class asks you to surrender to softness and explore the depths of your breath as you gingerly move through deep stretching postures. Class finishes with a long savasana.

    Suggested Props: Blanke...

  • Flow with Franny 60 min

    Energizing, hip opener and spinal mobility.

  • Power Flow: Feel the Buzz Franny Diaz-Gilligan 45 min

    A classic, full body, Franny flow, with attention to detail. You'll work with lunges, twists, back bends, standing splits, balancing, and of course, there’s always options to make it your own!
    Suggested props: Blankets and Block
    Level: Intermediate

  • Flow: Curate your flow Franny Diaz-Gilligan 60 min

    This full-body practice allows you to put forth as much effort as you wish as you flow. All props you have been suggested so you can really curate it for yourself.
    Suggested props: Blocks, Blanket, Strap
    Level: All Levels

  • Power: Spring Flow • Franny Diaz Gilligan • 50 min

    This energizing practice with Franny is perfect for awakening your body to warmth, just in time for Spring. You’ll get engaged & springy in your lower body, while still opening up throughout your upper half too. There is a balance between breath and movement, and time to hold a shape, breath, and...

  • Power Flow: Bow Bow • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 45 min

    This practice includes multiple postures that will give you opportunities to incorporate dynamic chest expansion variations. There is a nice balance between holding shapes with breath, observing how the subtle body reacts to them, and opportunities for a more vinyasa focused kind of movement with...

  • Power Flow: Deep Hippy Flow • Franny Diaz Gilligan • 60 min

    A deep flow that will bring you to spend time in your hips with breath, as well as balancing and back-bending.
    Suggested props: 2 blocks and blanket

  • Power Flow: So Raw, So Real • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 45 min

    Join Franny in a very raw and real class that will warm your entire body. You'll have opportunities to feel and balance on big your toe ball mounds, which are a huge area of support for your balancing shapes. You might wiggle or fall a few times with Franny, but have fun and enjoy!

    Suggested pro...

  • Power Flow: It’s a Burner • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 50 min

    A well paced heating sequence that focuses on balancing. You will be with your breath, heartbeat, and legs, while flowing and eventually transitioning from Virabhadrasana III, Warrior III to Ardha Chandra Chapasana, Sugarcane Pose. It’s a burner!
    Suggested props: Blocks and a Blanket

  • Flow: Follow your Flow • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 35 min

    This class begins and ends slowly, but in the middle is a breath and movement flow playing with funky transitions from warrior 1 to chair, to chair twist, to half moon. It’s not a Franny class without a half moon! We will end with Marichyasana variations and peacefully seated.

    Suggested props: ...

  • Flow: Franny's Classic Glow Flow • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 30 min

    A 30 minute, classic Franny flow, to allow you to feel open, free, and "glowful!" Playing some soulful music is highly encouraged as well. We will begin seated with breath, then get into movement of the spine and side bodies. No traditional sun A's here, but rather some fun "lungey" sun A's. Hams...

  • Power: Push of Power • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 65 min

    A 65-minute power yoga practice that will incorporate your whole body, giving you a push of power for wherever you're at in your day!

    Suggested Props: 2 blocks

  • Flow: Quick Twists • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 20 min

    Whenever you are in your day, this practice will invite energy in while you twist and flow. You will begin right away with some unique twisting Surya Namaskar A (Sun Salutation A). These twists will be incorporated throughout the rest of class along with belly down backbends and hip-opening. Your...

  • Power: Confidence is Power • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 30 min

    Tap into your breath and strength to flow confidently and powerfully. Move through Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) to get your body warm and comfortable before getting into strong standing shapes with a hint of balancing and back bending. Create a confident and strong fire, let it burn, release ...

  • Power: Range of Motion • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 50 min

    Tap into a strong foundation in each of your poses while exploring your range of motion in both your body and your breath. Begin on your back, move through Surya Namaskar A (Sun Salutation A), and flow through a series of standing poses, plank variations, and some flips and backbends before endin...

  • Power: Making Shapes • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 40 min

    This 40-minute power yoga flow will guide you into shapes that you will maintain and sustain while being physically challenged and taken to your edge.

    Useful props – blocks, blanket to pad knees, strap

  • Flow: Focus on the Feet • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 75 min

    This uplifting Flow class will work with a number of big toe poses. You’ll do them reclined, in forward folds, on your side body, and standing, working towards Utthita Hasta Padangustasana (Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose). Expect a nice balance of moving through shapes and holding shapes. Each sha...

  • Flow: Deep Core • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 75 min

    A 75-minute powerful practice that targets your full body and true authenticity. Move from a place of connection and engage with mindfulness from deep within your core.

  • Flow: No Chaturanga No Downdog • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 70 min

    This juicy 70-minute flow with Franny is free of Chaturangas and downward-facing dogs. You will get into your neck and your legs. You will flow into your spine & side bodies. Despite the class being Chaturanga and downward-dog-less, you’ll experience a well-rounded vinyasa practice.