Power and Heated Flow classes teach powerful dynamic sequences in heat and humidity, demanding rhythmic breath and personal evolution. The purpose of the intensity is self-study - bringing you to your edge but also cradling you there.

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  • Power Flow: Journey into Power with Gregor Singleton 60 min

    Flow classes ask you to understand your relationship to intensity and challenge. In exploring your physical, emotional and mental edge, you will need to cultivate focus, curiosity, and compassion, so that what starts as a struggle becomes a source of self-knowledge.
    Suggested props: Blocks

  • Power: Energizing Flow Susan LoPiccolo 50 min

    Build heat and stamina in this physically challenging yet energizing sequence. The perfect class to replace your cup of coffee and clear the fog in the morning or shake things up mid-day.
    Level: Advanced
    Suggested Props: Yoga Blocks

  • Flow: Core Burn • Susan LoPiccolo • 30min

    Get your core fired up in this all-level class. No equipment is needed and modifications are provided.

  • Flow: Better than Coffee! • Sara Bravo • 28 min

    Designed to help you cultivate strength and stamina.This type of practice invites you to use the power tools of breath, movement and discipline to start your day feeling your best self!

    Suggested Props: 2 Blocks

  • Flow: Follow your Flow • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 35 min

    This class begins and ends slowly, but in the middle is a breath and movement flow playing with funky transitions from warrior 1 to chair, to chair twist, to half moon. It’s not a Franny class without a half moon! We will end with Marichyasana variations and peacefully seated.

    Suggested props: ...

  • Power: Spring Flow • Franny Diaz Gilligan • 50 min

    This energizing practice with Franny is perfect for awakening your body to warmth, just in time for Spring. You’ll get engaged & springy in your lower body, while still opening up throughout your upper half too. There is a balance between breath and movement, and time to hold a shape, breath, and...

  • Power Flow: Vinyasa • Sara Bravo • 60 min

    In this flow, we're getting to grips with the feeling of being upside-down. This is very much for all levels, take it easy and do what feels right for you.

    Suggested Props: Blocks strap and Blanket.

  • Power Flow: Figure Four Flow • Brittney Burgess • 40 min

    Get your heart rate up, your body moving and your mind focused in this strong and fun flow that weaves in core work, hip-opening (play with the Figure 4 shape!), and balance.
    Suggested props: 2 blocks

  • Power Flow: Ukranian inspired yoga • David Magone • 65 min

    Inspired by the work of Ukrainian yoga master Andrey Sidersky, this class includes creative variations on standing poses, backbends, twists and hip opening poses.
    Suggested props: Yoga Mat

  • Power Flow: Intense Sweaty Flow • Susan LoPiccolo • 33 min

    Power through this intense and sweaty, heart rate-increasing class that is both fun and challenging.
    Suggested props: Yoga Blocks

  • Power Flow: Bow Bow • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 45 minutes

    This practice includes multiple postures that will give you opportunities to incorporate dynamic chest expansion variations. There is a nice balance between holding shapes with breath, observing how the subtle body reacts to them, and opportunities for a more vinyasa focused kind of movement with...

  • Power Flow: Plank Play • Brittney Burgess • 10 min

    Build some fire in your core and your spirit! Play with variations of plank, forearm plank and side plank as you tap into core strength in this quick practice that could be done on its own or added on to another flow for an extra bit of heat.
    No suggested props.

  • Power Flow: Spacious & strong • Brittney Burgess • 33 min

    This flow offers a playful sequence with shoulder and heart opening, along with spacious twists. Join Brittney to strengthen, open and create more lightness and space to breath.
    Suggested props: 2 blocks and strap

  • Power Flow: Deep Hippy Flow • Franny Diaz Gilligan • 60 min

    A deep flow that will bring you to spend time in your hips with breath, as well as balancing and back-bending.
    Suggested props: 2 blocks and blanket

  • Power Flow: Middle Body • Susan LoPiccollo • 35 min

    Build up some heat in this core focused flow
    No suggested props.

  • Yoga Sculpt: Total Body • Meredith Evangelisti • 45 min

    Upbeat, musically driven with bursts of cardio! There is a little more upper body focus in this sequence with a fun surprise at the end.
    Suggested props: Mat, light set of weights and a mini band

  • Power Flow: Core Burner • Brittney Burgess • 10 min

    Fire up your abdominal stability and strength in this quick core class! You can do this independently or add on to another flow.
    No suggested props.

  • Power Flow: Wring out the Old Year • Brittney Burgess • 45 min

    With a playful dose of twists, a dash of balance, and a sprinkle of ease, this class, filmed by Brittney at the end of the year, invites you to clear out what is past and make space for the new! This is a power flow, with lots of twisting variations for you to explore. See you in the New Year! ...

  • Power Flow: So Raw, So Real • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 45 min

    Join Franny in a very raw and real class that will warm your entire body. You'll have opportunities to feel and balance on big your toe ball mounds, which are a huge area of support for your balancing shapes. You might wiggle or fall a few times with Franny, but have fun and enjoy!

    Suggested pro...

  • Power Flow: Short & Juicy • Sara Bravo • 10 min

    This 10 minute juicy vinyasa practice brings focus to the breath and is an all round practice working on strength, flexibility and balance.
    Suggested props: Blocks

  • Power Flow: It’s a Burner • Franny Diaz-Gilligan • 50 min

    A well paced heating sequence that focuses on balancing. You will be with your breath, heartbeat, and legs, while flowing and eventually transitioning from Virabhadrasana III, Warrior III to Ardha Chandra Chapasana, Sugarcane Pose. It’s a burner!
    Suggested props: Blocks and a Blanket

  • S&C: Power 10: Legs • Susan LoPiccolo

    This non stop class is perfect if you are short on time and need a low impact burn for your lower body. Great for all levels
    Suggested props: Resistance Loop

  • Flow: (Part 2) Rise & Shine • Brittney Burgess • 20 mins

    (Part Two) Join Brittney for this backbending class. Pracice both prone and supine backbends, from locust/floor bow variations to a bridge series that builds a foundation of support to rise from as you practice these heart openers! This practice leads to the peak pose of Wheel, Urdhva Dhanurasa...

  • Flow: (Part 1) Anchor & Open • Brittney Burgess • 30 min

    (Part One) This strong flow offers a focus on hip strengthening and opening, utilizing Warriors II and III woven into your Sun Salutations. You get to experience both the anchor of your feet on the earth and your strong legs supporting you, right alongside the opportunity to soften and open in ...