Prenatal & Postnatal

Prenatal & Postnatal

Mindfully and safely connect with your changing body as you prepare for labor and motherhood. Regain abdominal strength and learn to support your growing family with the tools of yoga.

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Prenatal & Postnatal
  • Prenatal Practice with Ally Hines • 40 minutes

  • Prenatal: Balance at the Wall • Ally Hines • 5 minutes

  • Post Natal: Baby & Me • Emily Sullivan • 45 min

    Core strengthening and shoulder opening for new parents
    Suggested props: 2 blocks and a blanket for yourself and a baby blanket

  • Prenatal: New Mom Meditation • Bec Conant • 15 min

    Spend time with your baby and meditate as well! In this video, Bec leads a short mindfulness meditation specifically designed to incorporate the experience of motherhood as part of a spiritual practice. 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation with instruction- and yes your baby can be with you!

  • Prenatal: Restful Prenatal • Bec Conant • 35 min

    Use a bolster for Balasana (Child’s Pose) and a gentle shoulder-opening twist. Move into a gentle slow flow with squats and wall work, and finish with several restorative postures. Great for calming the nervous system and winding down.

  • Prenatal: Body Balancing • Bec Conant • 40 min

    Focus on balancing connective tissue throughout the body to promote greater comfort and prepare for labor. Postures cover gentle hip opening, front and back hip opening, as well as lower back. This sequence is loosely based on the Daily Essentials exercises from Spinning Babies.

  • Prenatal: Strong Hips • Bec Conant • 50 min

    Focus on toning and releasing the hips. Exercises include pelvic floor work, glute strengtheners (both kneeling and standing), and outer hip release. This class is great for sciatica or general hip imbalance.

  • Prenatal: Side Bend Flow • Bec Conant • 50 min

    This class is both a strong and slow flow focusing on opening the side body. Great for those suffering from low back stiffness, and for those wanting a whole-body flow with baby. Appropriate for any stage of pregnancy.

  • Prenatal: Adapting Your Practice For Pregnancy • Bec Conant • 25 min

    In this 25 minute video, Bec discusses the 5 key adjustments a pregnant student should be aware of when practicing in a general population class while pregnant. Appropriate for any stage of pregnancy; this video gives you the high level adjustments to make if continuing to take your regular yoga ...

  • Postnatal: Restful Shoulder Openers • Bec Conant • 20 min

    This slow flow sequence uses a rolled blanket bolster to release tension in the shoulders and upper back while allowing you to rest and relax with gravity. Following the bolster work, we stretch the legs and hamstrings form the floor, before sliding into Savasana (Corpse Pose). Suggested props: ...

  • Postnatal: Back & Deep Core • Bec Conant • 20 min

    Begin with a gentle upper back bolster release, then work into basic exercises for deep core stability. Finally, integrate this deep core work into a gentle standing series. Appropriate for anyone more than five weeks postpartum.

  • Postnatal: Shoulder Opening • Bec Conant • 35 min

    Flow to gently work on all aspects of the shoulders and upper spine with the aim of releasing the “new mom” posture. Appropriate for anyone caring for a baby (moms more than five weeks postpartum).