Ashley Mitchell

Ashley Mitchell

As the daughter of a professional boxer, All-American track athlete, theatre major, fitness professional, educator, and social justice advocate, Ashley has had the unique opportunity to experience a myriad of physical and mental training philosophies along with real world challenges that served as critical catalysts for introspection and growth. Throughout her life, she has consistently shown the ability to dissect self-limiting beliefs and trauma to summon grit, fortitude, and creativity.

It would be easy to say that Ashley was born to lead, but in actuality, her leadership has blossomed through constant evolution; extracting lessons from life’s challenges, victories and ambiguity, while staying relentlessly focused on one thing – how does she help those around her become the best versions of themselves?

While studying for her MFA in Acting at Brown University, Ashley suffered a concussion which changed the course of her life and helped her assess and apply her true why: to use movement as a way to make the world a better place. Over the course of the next three years, Ashley was an elite trainer at some of the world’s large boutique fitness studios. There, she earned a reputation as someone who could serve up some of the most intense, high-energy classes in the fitness space, but also understand and influence the collective behaviors of those around her with empathy, instinct and unapologetic candor.

In 2018, Ashley founded a company called The Courage Campaign. A nonprofit whose mission is to leverage movement and the power of intention to redefine one’s relationship with fear to attain new levels of personal empowerment. In this capacity, Ashley has worked with numerous schools and corporations in the Boston area, leading her students on a journey that combines physical exercise, journaling, and thought-provoking discussions to build courage and agency.

Ashley has also become a powerful voice speaking out against racial inequality in the fitness space. Her work here has garnered fast follow-ship and influence, making her an agent of untold levels of inspiration and strength.

Given her powerful impact and ongoing work throughout the community, Ashley has been aggressively sought by numerous podcasts, local papers and news stations to provide perspective and insight into topics ranging from pure fitness to education to social justice. She was chosen by Boston Magazine as one of 5 Black Women making the fitness scene more inclusive and one of 9 Black Fitness Professionals to Follow.

When asked about her teaching philosophy, she says it can be summed up in two quotes; the first is her own: “You can rest, but you can’t quit.” The other, a favorite from graduate school by Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

When Ashley isn’t teaching, you can find her at home with her partner Mark and their three pets, at the beach, or hiking somewhere with a waterfall.

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Ashley Mitchell
  • Hiit: 10 minute Full Body • Ashley Mitchell

    This class focuses on increasing cardiovascular capacity by utilizing tough work sets with short recoveries!
    Suggested props: Weights and bodyweight
    All levels class

  • S&C: Triceps, shoulder and legs extravaganza • 10 min • Ashley M

    This class is an all-levels strength circuit featuring basic movements that target major muscle groups.

    Suggested props: 1 set of medium dumbbells
    Level: All Levels class

  • Core: Baby and me • Ashley Mitchell • 8 min

    A 8-minute non-stop ab burnout with extra weight: baby, cat, dog, or even a bottle of wine! Make it fun, make it yours!

  • Hiit: 5 Minute Warm Up Ashley Mitchell

    This class uses elements of mobility, stretch, breath, and strength to warm the muscle tissue before a rigorous effort.

  • Hiit: 5 Minute Cool Down • Ashley Mitchell

    This cool down can be done after any strength & conditioning or hiit class. Designed to bring the body back down to baseline after a hard effort.

  • Hiit: 5 minute burn • Ashley Mitchell

    5 rounds of shorts bursts of work followed by short rest. This one is requires you to be strong and light on your feet.

  • S&C: 10 Minute Strength AMRAP • Ashley Mitchell

    With just 3 moves in this workset- deadlift, swing, and push press, we'll focus on reps and rounds for a short, yet effective strength workout.
    Suggested props: Set of Dumbbells

  • Core: 5 Minute Ab Circuit • Ashley Mitchell • 5 min

    This class features supine core work (and 1 plank)created for a quick ab "burnout". Participants will perform 3 rounds of 3 exercises, and finish with a 30 second plank.
    No suggested props needed.

  • S&C: 20 Minute Strength • Ashley Mitchell

    This class focuses on two strength circuits targeting the triceps, back, and legs.
    Suggested props: a set of dumbbells.

  • Meet your Instructor: Ashley Mitchell

    Ashley is renowned for serving up some of the most intense, high-energy classes in the fitness space, while understanding and influencing the collective behaviors of those around her with empathy, instinct, and unapologetic candor.

  • HIIT: Legs & Glutes • Ashley Mitchell • 15 min

    This class focuses on two main foundations of movement- the squat and the lunge. Featuring 2 work sets of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off work to rest ratio, this class is high energy and high impact.
    Suggested props: A set of dumbbells

  • Strength: Strong & Steady • Ashley Mitchell • 20 min

    Strength & conditioning uses plyometrics, agility, mobility, core stability, and weight training to deliver a well-rounded training regimen designed for athletes of all levels.

    Equipment Needed: A set of dumbells

  • HIIT: Fhiit & Fierce • Ashley Mitchell • 30 min

    A combination of cardio and functional strength training, high-intensity interval training focuses on short bursts of maximal physical effort, followed by periods of active recovery or rest.

    No Equipment Needed.

  • Yoga Sculpt: Power Sculpt 360 • Ashley Mitchell • 20 min

    This class is an integration of Vinyasa yoga, resistance training, and cardio. It's a full-body, low impact experience for all levels.

    Equipment Needed: a light set of weights

  • Strength: Upper Body • Ashley Mitchell • 12 min

    Join Ashley in this quick upper body strength and conditioning workout. With a focus on movement quality, injury prevention, and overall health, Strength & Conditioning uses plyometrics, agility, mobility, core stability, and weight training to deliver a well-rounded training regimen designed for...

  • Strength: Strong & Steady • Ashley Mitchell • 60 min

    This class focuses on the four foundational movements- squat, hinge, push, pull as well as core and mobility. You'll find here a 10 minute warm up, 4 rounds of movement, and a brief cool down. Enjoy!

    Suggested Equipment: 2 Sets of Dumbbells, medium and heavy