Experience the challenge and power of Ashtanga’s established sequences designed to cleanse and purify the body on all levels: physical, energetic, and spiritual.

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  • Ashtanga: Standing Pose Practice • Abby Keene • 30 minutes

  • Ashtanga: Introduction to Primary Series • Paulina Haduong • 45 Minutes

    A class for those with an existing yoga practice looking to explore the Ashtanga lineage and get rooted in the fundamentals.

  • Ashtanga: Some Primary, Some Second • Didi von Deck • 50 Minutes

    The perfect practice for when you sleep through the 6am Mysore alarm. Some primary poses mixed with some second series poses provide a well rounded practice rooted in breath, bandha and drishti.

  • Ashtanga: One Hour Primary Series • Paulina Haduong

    Sun Salutations warm the body and build an inner heat that detoxifies the physical body and empowers the energetic body. As our attention is drawn inward, the practice rises from the tristhana (union of movement, breath, and focus). Asanas (poses) strengthen and unlock the body while the ujjayi (...

  • Ashtanga: Bhekasana with Didi Von Deck 11 min

    Part of the second series of Ashtanga, Bhekasana is a great pose to open the hips and shoulders in preparation for a back bend.
    No suggested props
    Intermediate level class

  • Asthanga: Pranayama • Didi von Deck • 12 min

    This Ashtanga breathing sequence will focus your attention inward to quiet your mind. Short breath retentions will keep the mind steady. This practice can be a prelude for sitting meditation or as a meditation in itself.
    Suggested props: whatever would make you comfortable sitting

  • Ashtanga: 30 min Flow • Didi Von Deck

    Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can reap the benefits of practice by moving with your breath through this selection of classic primary series ashtanga poses.
    Suggested props: Blocks and Strap

  • Flow: Twisting and Binding • Didi von Deck • 30 min

    The primary series Marichasanas are challenging to the shoulders, hips and spine, as well as to the mind. Finding some space between the ribs can help. This video shares some tips to help you find ease in these poses.

    Suggested props: Towel or Strap

  • Ashtanga: Drop Backs • Didi von Deck • 35 min

    Dropping back into and then standing up from a backbend can be fun and empowering, and you don’t need to be a gymnast! This class starts by warming up the back, legs, and shoulders. You’ll then use a wall as a prop to practice this skill on your own.

    Suggested Props: A Blank Wall

  • Ashtanga: Twisting: Marichasana C and D • Didi von Deck • 30 min

    Twisting increases the mobility of your spine, cleanses and detoxifies your organs and inner body, and aids digestion. In the ashtanga primary series, twisting in Marichasana C and D with arms bounds is challenging, but in this class we will go over variations of earlier twists in the series an...

  • Ashtanga: Pain Free Wrists, Elbows and Shoulders • Didi von Deck • 15 min

    Yoga can be hard on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Here are some warms ups for these delicate joints to help you prevent or rehab from injury.

    Suggested Props: block, 3-5 pound weight.

  • Ashtanga: Core with Navasana Variations • Didi von Deck • 20 min

    These variations of Navasana (or Boat pose) will help you find and develop uddiyana bandha and build a strong core.

    Suggested props: none

  • Ashtanga: Free the Hips • Didi Von Deck • 45 min

    While not including any Ashtanga poses, this sequence of hip openers will help with backbends, splits and lotus and make many Ashtanga poses more accessible. Yogic theory suggests that the hips store pent up emotions and resentments. Opening the hips releases negativity, improves health, and crea...

  • Ashtanga Fusion: Intermediate Series • Jovan Tevin • 60 min

    In these 60 minutes, Jovan will be guiding you through the first portion of Intermediate Series (w/ modifications) where we begin to strengthen and open the spine, in preparation for deeper backbends. Experience an uplifting energetic response as Jovan keeps you grounded and tuned into the body. ...

  • Ashtanga 2nd Series: Free and Open Heart • Didi von Deck • 30 min

    The beginning of the Ashtanga second series offers postures that cleanse the body’s energy system and keep the spine supple and strong. With variations, these postures are accessible to all and will lead to increased energy and wellbeing.

  • Ashtanga: Mysore Primary Series Led • Sam Glannon • 80 min

    Led Primary Series is a counted style of class for those familiar with the First/Primary series of Ashtanga Yoga, and is intended as a way of learning and memorizing the sequence. Each of the postures is counted in accordance with the traditional Sanskrit vinyasa for that posture. This class is a...

  • Ashtanga: Taste of Primary • Didi Von Deck • 60 min

    This class includes all the standing postures as well as select seated poses and a finishing sequence. As you become familiar with the poses though steady practice, you will find a deeper meditative experience.

  • Ashtanga: Breathe Through Salutations • Jovan Tevin • 40 min

    In this 30 minute video, Jovan will be guiding you into your body going as you breathe your way through Sun A, Sun B, and the standing sequence of the Ashtanga Method.

  • Ashtanga Fusion: Backbends • Jovan Tevin • 70 min

    In this 70-minute video, Jovan will be taking you through an Ashtanga sequence, focusing on lengthening the spine and finding greater access into your backbends. Jump and flow your way through a shuffle of asanas found in intermediate and primary series.

  • Ashtanga Fusion: Hips & Low Back • Jovan Tevin • 70 min

    In this 70-minute video, Jovan will be taking you through an Ashtanga sequence where the focus is on opening the hips and the muscles in the lower back. Allowing us to feel more grounded within our bodies, on and off the mat.

  • Ashtanga Fusion: Longitudinal Splits • Jovan Tevin • 50 min

    Starting off with Traditional Sun Salutations followed by Ashtanga’s Standing Sequence; Jovan’s focus will be on the hamstrings and the muscles within the groins to better access our longitudinal splits.

  • Ashtanga: Bakasana (Crow pose) Workshop • Jovan Tevin • 30 min

    Learn the modern and traditional variations of the notorious Bakasana Crow Pose. Jovan will break down the physical technique required as you build your confidence and deepen your understanding of the purpose behind Bakasana.

  • Ashtanga: Essential Elements of Primary Series • Didi Von Deck • 40 min

    Ashtanga Yoga is a flow of poses linked by the breath. This practice includes the essential elements of the Primary Series of Ashtanga which, when practiced consistently, bring the body to a state of good health while simultaneously developing strength and flexibility. This class is great if you ...

  • Ashtanga: Four Purifications • Didi Von Deck • 30 min

    The Four Purifications are pre-pranayama practices that work in conjunction with physical poses to strengthen the bandhas and purify the energy body and can be done before, after or instead of an asana practice.