Brittney Burgess

Brittney Burgess

With a Masters Degree in Sport & Performance Psychology and Mental Health & Behavioral Medicine, Brittney brings an unparalleled understanding of the mind body connection to all of her teachings. She artfully integrates a lens of healing and mental well-being into all of her classes, seasonal workshops, and retreats. Her flows challenge as her words soothe and students are left with an experience that is both incredibly renewing and empowering.

During her years as a therapist, Brittney worked with individuals with significant trauma histories, anxiety, depression, and other mental health struggles. It was during this time that she discovered the safe, healing, grounding gift of yoga. From this belief that yoga heals, Brittney completed 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings from Baron Baptiste and Jacqui Bonwell, along with extensive training in both Trauma-Sensitive Yoga with David Emerson of the Trauma Center and Yoga for Emotional Health & Healing with Kate Graham.

In her sport psychology work with professional, collegiate, and high school athletes, Brittney trained athletes to harness the power of the mind, and now guides students toward this same powerful presence through the physicality of their yoga practice.

Brittney is passionate about sharing the gifts of yoga in a way that feels accessible to every person. She invites students to show up to class exactly as they are and to trust that they have tremendous purpose, courage, and support within. Her classes will both challenge you and hold a space for you to breathe, explore, empower, and ultimately walk out of class with mind, body, and heart in alignment.

Outside of the studio, Brittney has two young daughters, writes, loves time in nature and is on a journey to heal from autoimmune diseases. She seeks to create a community of joy and love, and is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to do this as both teacher and student through this transformative practice.

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Brittney Burgess
  • Power: Heart Openers • Brittney Burgess • 20 minutes

  • Power: A Little Heat, A Lotta Heart • Brittney Burgess • 20 Minutes

    This class is a short and sweet power practice to build heat and activate your heart. The perfect class for a lunch time reset.

  • Flow: The Beat of your Breath with Brittney B 45 min

    Let the deliberate, slow, and steady pace of your breath set the beat for a strong, fluid class. Flow through sun salutations, twists and balances, open your heart and hips, and create your practice with a purposeful presence.
    Suggested props: 2 blocks
    Intermediate Level class

  • Flow: Sweet, strong, summer flow! Brittney Burgess 60 min

    Start off your summer with a well-rounded flow that invites you to discover moments of both strength and sweet release. Move, breathe and offer yourself this hour of mindful movement!
    Suggested props: 2 blocks, bolster or blanket
    Levels: All levels

  • Flow: Connect & Surrender Brittney Burgess 30 min

    Tether your mind and body into this one moment. Connect to your breath and steady movement to get grounded as you flow with Brittney through sun salutations, standing splits, and a strong balancing sequence.
    Suggested props: Yoga Mat
    All levels class

  • Flow: Yoga for Anxiety Brittney Burgess 40 min

    Cultivate deliberate movement and intentional rest to help balance an overactive Nervous System. Brittney will guide you through this flow that is in support of managing anxiety and stress. This practice is designed to guide you in creating a present moment awareness as you shift anxious energy...

  • Power Flow: Figure Four Flow • Brittney Burgess • 40 min

    Get your heart rate up, your body moving and your mind focused in this strong and fun flow that weaves in core work, hip-opening (play with the Figure 4 shape!), and balance.
    Suggested props: 2 blocks

  • Power Flow: Plank Play • Brittney Burgess • 10 min

    Build some fire in your core and your spirit! Play with variations of plank, forearm plank and side plank as you tap into core strength in this quick practice that could be done on its own or added on to another flow for an extra bit of heat.
    No suggested props.

  • Power Flow: Spacious & strong • Brittney Burgess • 33 min

    This flow offers a playful sequence with shoulder and heart opening, along with spacious twists. Join Brittney to strengthen, open and create more lightness and space to breath.
    Suggested props: 2 blocks and strap

  • Power Flow: Core Burner • Brittney Burgess • 10 min

    Fire up your abdominal stability and strength in this quick core class! You can do this independently or add on to another flow.
    No suggested props.

  • Power Flow: Wring out the Old Year • Brittney Burgess • 45 min

    With a playful dose of twists, a dash of balance, and a sprinkle of ease, this class, filmed by Brittney at the end of the year, invites you to clear out what is past and make space for the new! This is a power flow, with lots of twisting variations for you to explore. See you in the New Year! ...

  • Flow: A Gift to Self • Brittney Burgess • 10 min

    Offer yourself the gift of gentle movement, breath awareness, and open-hearted rest. All you need is a small moment dedicated to you! Brittney guides you through a few gentle twists and heart openers, followed by a guided self-compassion meditation as you rest in supported fish.

    Suggested pr...

  • Yoga Philosophy: Koshas • Brittney Burgess • 3 min

    Understanding the different layers of our bodies and the effects their balance have in our wellbeing.

  • Flow: (Part 2) Rise & Shine • Brittney Burgess • 20 mins

    (Part Two) Join Brittney for this backbending class. Pracice both prone and supine backbends, from locust/floor bow variations to a bridge series that builds a foundation of support to rise from as you practice these heart openers! This practice leads to the peak pose of Wheel, Urdhva Dhanurasa...

  • Flow: (Part 1) Anchor & Open • Brittney Burgess • 30 min

    (Part One) This strong flow offers a focus on hip strengthening and opening, utilizing Warriors II and III woven into your Sun Salutations. You get to experience both the anchor of your feet on the earth and your strong legs supporting you, right alongside the opportunity to soften and open in ...

  • Flow: Stabilize and Soften • Brittney Burgess • 20 min

    Stabilize your core and open from a strong center! This floor-based practice offers you several core strengtheners and heart openers, followed by restorative asanas to both energize and soften. This practice can complement a longer flow or stand-alone.

    Sugggested Props: 2 Blocks

  • Power Flow: Float & Flow • BrittneyB • 40min

    Infuse some joy and play into your flow! Brittney will guide you through a power vinyasa class with a focus on creating the building blocks to play with arm balancing. This class offers a challenging flow leading to the opportunity to play with the arm balance Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2 (Hurdlers ...

  • Flow: Body & Breath in Movement • Brittney B • 30 min

    In this flowing sequence, coordinate the movement of your breath with the movement of your body in a way that allows you to intentionally place your mind and body in each asana with care.

    Suggested props: 2 Blocks

  • Power: Twist & Flow • Brittney Burgess • 30 min

    This full-body power flow will offer twisting variations to energize, support spinal mobility and enhance core stability.

    Suggested Props: 2 blocks

  • Power: Strong and Open • Brittney Burgess • 45 min

    This practice offers you all the strength of a power yoga flow with some heart-opening vibes! Move through salutations, twists, and backbends as you incorporate shoulder integration and chest expansion to move through your day with both support and spaciousness.

    Suggested Props: Two blocks, strap

  • Power/Flow: Voyage of the Mermaid • Brittney Burgess • 45 min

    Discover the energy of spaciousness, within and around you! Move through this strong flow that focuses on your hips and heart and leads to the peak pose Mermaid (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana).

    Suggested Props: 2 blocks.

  • Flow: Steady and Grounded: Yoga for Anxiety • Brittney Burgess • 20 min

    Brittney will guide you through an intentional breath and movement class to support a settling of stress or anxiety in your body. As you allow extended exhales to support a settling of your nervous system, you can flow through asanas that meet the anxious energy in your mind and body and offer y...

  • Power: Core Burner • Brittney Burgess • 20 min

    A short and fiery core class to help awaken your sense of strength, grit, personal power and the internal fire that drives you to move through each day! From plank variations to core strengtheners on your back, this class can be taken on its own or can be a strong add on to a flow class.

    No sug...

  • Power: Crow pose (Bakasana) Tutorial • Brittney Burgess • 15 min

    Move through preparatory poses to build a strong foundation to fly into the arm balance bakasana (Crow Pose). Brittney will take you through a mini sequence that invites you to discover the balance and alignment to lift into your crow!

    Suggested Props: one block, one blanket