Sara Bravo

Sara Bravo

Sara began her practice in 2014, drawn to the awareness of body and mind connection and stress release. She quickly witnessed the transformative power of yoga asana by beating cervical cancer. Ever since, she returns to her mat daily, as asana becomes her self-care routine.

Beating cancer, with the help of asana, allowed Sara to dive deeper into the practice. She explored different styles from her Chilean, Indian, Indonesian, and German teachers, completed a 200-hour teacher training in Goa, India, and started teaching in 2019 in Salzburg, Austria, and Santiago de Chile. Always a student first, Sara cultivates humbleness and practices asana under her teacher's guidance, every week.

Sara's goal is to facilitate a space of exploration, and self-awareness through a simple, yet challenging fun vinyasa flow.

She likes to work on bringing awareness to the body and mind with proper body alignment while moving and breathing. Movement efficiency allows the body and mind to nourish fully from asanas so that ultimately, we can be the best version of ourselves (on and off the mat)

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Sara Bravo
  • Yoga in Spanish: Meditacion • Sara Bravo • 10 min

    Esta meditacion esta enfocada en parar el ritmo intenso del dia a dia para conectar con nosotros mismos a traves de la respiracion. Un momento para calmar la ansiedad y volver a un estado natural.
    Props sugeridos: Cojin o Bloque

  • Yoga in Spanish: Fuerza y Flexibilidad • Sara Bravo • 30 min

    Flow enfocado para liberar las areas tensas del cuerpo con el fin de mejorar la movilidad, flexibilidad y fortalecimiento
    Props sugeridas: 2 bloques y cinto

  • Power Flow: Short & Juicy • Sara Bravo • 10 min

    This 10 minute juicy vinyasa practice brings focus to the breath and is an all round practice working on strength, flexibility and balance.
    Suggested props: Blocks

  • Flow: Jump Through and Jump Back • Sara Bravo • 15 min

    Want to learn how to jump through in yoga? In this tutorial, You will learn simple yoga drills to build strength for the ashtanga yoga transition. Jumping through to seated requires upper body strength and practice, but this tutorial will break down how to effectively and safely work towards this...

  • Yoga in Spanish: Explicacion de Bandhas • Sara Bravo • 6 min

    Con esta clase teorica te explico el uso de bandhas y como activarlos durante una clase de yoga. Para que la proxima vez que practiques tengas mas consciencia corporal y mental en tu practica.

  • Yoga in Spanish: Yoga para mejorar la Meditación • Sara Bravo • 30 min

    Esta serie de posturas, te ayudaran a mejorar tu meditacion y evitar los dolores en caderas y piernas. Para que tu meditación se vuelva mucho más cómoda y sin dolor.
    Props sugeridos: 2 Blockes

  • Flow: Better than Coffee! • Sara Bravo • 28 min

    Designed to help you cultivate strength and stamina.This type of practice invites you to use the power tools of breath, movement and discipline to start your day feeling your best self!

    Suggested Props: 2 Blocks

  • Yoga in Spanish: Hombros, cuello y mandibula • Sara Bravo • 20 mins

    En esta clase de yoga vinyasa flow en español nos enfocaremos en abrir la linea del frente del cuerpo. También en abrir y fortalecer la espalda y los hombros. Esto nos ayudará a mejoras las posturas de arcos o backbending. Y abrir el corazón!

    Sugerencia: Tener cinto y bloques

  • Yoga in Spanish: Flow corto y Energético • Sara Bravo • 20 min

    Eleva tus endorfinas con este breve flow en el cual energizaras todo tu cuerpo y tu alma también!
    Elementos sugeridos: Bloques y Cinta

  • Flow in Spanish: Hombros y Caderas • Sara Bravo • 40 min

    En esta clase de yoga vinyasa flow en español nos enfocaremos en abrir la linea del frente del cuerpo. También en abrir y fortalecer la espalda y los hombros. Esto nos ayudará a mejoras las posturas de arcos o backbending. Y abrir el corazón!

    Props sugeridos: Bloques y Cinto

  • Flow: Backbend Drills • Sara Bravo • 15 min

    Let's dive deeper into some backbends moves. Sara takes you through some drills to work on the upper spine and hips that you can easily practice at home. It's a journey, so take your time, start slow, and with consistency, you'll notice the progress you make!

    Suggested Props: 2 Blocks and a St...

  • Flow: Hip Mobility • Sara Bravo • 30 min

    The perfect blend of strength and flexibility, this practice will have you opening your hips on a deeper level to reach a bigger range of movement.

    Suggested Props: 2 Blocks and Strap

  • Yoga in Spanish: Mobilidad • Sara Bravo • 60 min

    Rutina de movilidad para el tren inferior: gemelos, isquiotibiales, cuadriceps, flexores de cadera, glúteos y zona lumbar.

    Suggested Props: Bloques y Cinta

  • Flow: Feet Therapy • Sara Bravo • 10 min

    Whether you're needing some yoga for foot pain relief, foot pain yoga exercises, are generally looking to stretch feet and ankles, or are just looking for an overall 10-minute foot workout, these 10 minutes will leave you and your yoga feet feeling great!

    No props needed.

  • Flow: Wrist Therapy • Sara Bravo • 15 min

    Even if you're not on your wrists all the time in handstands, in a lot of yoga classes you'll spend time on your wrists, for example in a downward-facing dog. It's important to keep the joints happy to prevent injury, so this is a flow I've created to improve your wrist strength! 

    No props are...

  • Flow: Arm Balance Play • Sara Bravo • 50 min

    This 40-Minute Arm Balance Flow is a great way to build heat, strength and endurance in your yoga practice. I will guide you through a sequence of stretching and strength-building movements designed to prepare you for arm balances. This flow will challenge your strength and focus, improve your ar...

  • Flow: For PMS and Cramps • Sara Bravo • 45 min

    This slow relaxing yoga flow is perfect if you feel tension & cramps in your lower belly and lower back. It will also benefit men & women any time you need a slow-paced floor flow to tune in & relax. As you move through the flow breathe into your lower belly and lower back to create volume & spac...

  • Yoga in Spanish Estabilidad y flexbilidad • Sara Bravo • 20 min

    Esta serie de posturas, ayudarán a alivianar la tension acumulada en cadears para lograr mayor flexibilidad. Intenta realizar este flow entre 2 a 3 veces a la semana para notar los cambios en tu flexibilidad.

    Suggested Props: Manta

  • Flow: Cool down • Sara Bravo • 25 min

    Kick-off your shoes and follow this 25-minute cool-down flow. Tune in closely to the changes in your physiology as you return to baseline. Notice as your heart rate and breathing slow down. How your body temperature and energy levels change. Pay close attention to all the ways in which your body ...

  • Flow: For Cyclist and Runners • Sara Bravo • 30 min

    This practice invites you to really pay attention to the body in a way that will up your game in sport and in life. Physically, yes. But mentally too.

    Suggested Props: Blocks, Blanket and Strap.

  • Flow: Transitions Play • Sara Bravo • 70 min

    This class focuses on movements that allow you to move from one pose to the next without breaking the breathing pattern, which helps keep your mind and body in the present moment.

    Suggested Props: Blocks

  • Yoga in Spanish: Preparación para la postura del Compas • Sara Bravo • 45 min

    Con este flow sentiras las caderas mas ligeras y las piernas mas firmes para poder controlar el movimiento en posturas desafiantes como el compas. Dale un intento o simplemente observa como realizarla si asi lo prefieres.

    Suggested Props: Bloques y cinta.
    Nivel: Intermedio

  • Flow: After Office Flow • Sara Bravo • 30 min

    Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief! Take a break from all of your tasks and tend to your body. Release neck and shoulder tension that collects from daily stress and other fitness routines. This under 30 min session offers a bounty of energetic hygiene!

    Suggested Props: Blocks

  • Power Flow: Vinyasa • Sara Bravo • 60 min

    In this flow, we're getting to grips with the feeling of being upside-down. This is very much for all levels, take it easy and do what feels right for you.

    Suggested Props: Blocks strap and Blanket.