Explore the rhythm of body and breath as you flow from one pose to another in a continuous sequence of movements, experiencing both lyrical creativity and the precision of alignment.

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  • Asana Lab: Janu Sirsasana A (Head to Knee Forward Bend) • Masaaki Okamura

    Janu Sirsasana or Head of the Knee Pose is one of those "drive by" shapes we don't spend a lot of time dissecting. It's one of the best ways to get a stretch for the legs and low back with the added bonus of hip opening. Masaaki unpacks the shape using props, research poses and a quick anatomy le...

  • Ashtanga: Breathe Through Salutations • Jovan Tevin • 40 min

    In this 30 minute video, Jovan will be guiding you into your body going as you breathe your way through Sun A, Sun B, and the standing sequence of the Ashtanga Method.

  • Ashtanga: Free the Hips • Didi Von Deck • 45 min

    While not including any Ashtanga poses, this sequence of hip openers will help with backbends, splits and lotus and make many Ashtanga poses more accessible. Yogic theory suggests that the hips store pent up emotions and resentments. Opening the hips releases negativity, improves health, and crea...

  • Ashtanga: Pain Free Wrists, Elbows and Shoulders • Didi von Deck • 15 min

    Yoga can be hard on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Here are some warms ups for these delicate joints to help you prevent or rehab from injury.

    Suggested Props: block, 3-5 pound weight.

  • Ashtanga: Twisting: Marichasana C and D • Didi von Deck • 30 min

    Twisting increases the mobility of your spine, cleanses and detoxifies your organs and inner body, and aids digestion. In the ashtanga primary series, twisting in Marichasana C and D with arms bounds is challenging, but in this class we will go over variations of earlier twists in the series an...

  • Flow: Afternoon Flow with Masaaki Okamura 60 min

    60 minutes to integrate and harmonize
    Suggested props: 2 Blocks
    All levels class

  • Flow: After Office Flow • Sara Bravo • 30 min

    Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief! Take a break from all of your tasks and tend to your body. Release neck and shoulder tension that collects from daily stress and other fitness routines. This under 30 min session offers a bounty of energetic hygiene!

    Suggested Props: Blocks

  • Flow: A Gift to Self • Brittney Burgess • 10 min

    Offer yourself the gift of gentle movement, breath awareness, and open-hearted rest. All you need is a small moment dedicated to you! Brittney guides you through a few gentle twists and heart openers, followed by a guided self-compassion meditation as you rest in supported fish.

    Suggested pr...

  • Straight Up Stability: The Core • 65 min

    In today’s strengthening practice we’ll examine several aspects of Core stabilization. We’ll explore the deep abdominals, spinal muscles, hip flexors and side hips, all elements that contribute to integrated balance and tone. This work will allow you to radiate strength from your center in all yo...

  • Flow: All the Feels Flow • Hannah Adams • 80 min

    Enjoy this Flow class filled with breath and balance, stretch, and strength. Explore a variety of poses and movements to wake up your body from head to toes. With this heightened sense of awareness, return to a meditative center, cultivating a deep sense of stillness.

    Suggested props: Two block...

  • Flow: Anti-Slouch Flow Class • Kate Heffernan • 55 min

    Free up your upper back & chest with this twisty & back bending flow sequence. Exactly the antidote after a long day of sitting & slouching.
    Backbending, Twisting, Heart Opening & Upper Back Mobilization
    Suggested props: Two Blocks & a Blanket (maybe a strap if you are tight in the shoulders)


  • Flow: Arm Balance Play • Sara Bravo • 50 min

    This 40-Minute Arm Balance Flow is a great way to build heat, strength and endurance in your yoga practice. I will guide you through a sequence of stretching and strength-building movements designed to prepare you for arm balances. This flow will challenge your strength and focus, improve your ar...

  • Flow: Asana Clinic for two Back Bends • Larisa Forman • 25 min

    Step by step breakdown for Ardha Bekhasana and Gerasana.

    No suggested props.

  • Flow: Backbend Drills • Sara Bravo • 15 min

    Let's dive deeper into some backbends moves. Sara takes you through some drills to work on the upper spine and hips that you can easily practice at home. It's a journey, so take your time, start slow, and with consistency, you'll notice the progress you make!

    Suggested Props: 2 Blocks and a St...

  • Flow: Backbending • Hannah Adams • 80 min

    This full-length flow class will bring you through a variety of back-bending poses, all with a gentle approach and an emphasis on breath.

    Suggested props: 2 blocks

  • Flow: Better than Coffee! • Sara Bravo • 28 min

    Designed to help you cultivate strength and stamina.This type of practice invites you to use the power tools of breath, movement and discipline to start your day feeling your best self!

    Suggested Props: 2 Blocks

  • Flow: Bird of Paradise Prep • Sara Bravo • 70 min

    We will warm up the entire body for a challenging pose called Bird of Paradise. This flow's primary focus is on hip opening, core & back strengthening, and hamstring lengthening. Remember to use your breath to guide your movement and let go of any expectations. I hope you enjoy this flow.


  • Flow: Body & Breath in Movement • Brittney B • 30 min

    In this flowing sequence, coordinate the movement of your breath with the movement of your body in a way that allows you to intentionally place your mind and body in each asana with care.

    Suggested props: 2 Blocks

  • Flow: Chair yoga seated stretch • Larisa Forman • 15 min

    Great way to quickly warm-up and stretch the whole body finished by meditation
    A quick stretch available anywhere
    Suggested props: Chair.

  • Flow: Circles Around the Sun • Sami Lea Konczewski • 60 min

    Connect with the spirals of your body and the cycles of nature as you float through this mandala flow with Sami. You'll touch each major part of your body, shedding light and inviting space within so that you can tackle the depth and darkness with your breath. All levels welcome!

    Suggested Props...

  • Flow: Classical Headstand Tutorial • Hannah Adams • 20 min

    This tutorial explains and demonstrates the steps to entering a classical Sirsasana (Headstand Pose). Before we go upside down, we will explore the shape of headstand on our feet and backs. When we do go upside down, you are welcome to work near a wall for extra support. You are encouraged to mov...

  • Flow: Connect & Surrender Brittney Burgess 30 min

    Tether your mind and body into this one moment. Connect to your breath and steady movement to get grounded as you flow with Brittney through sun salutations, standing splits, and a strong balancing sequence.
    Suggested props: Yoga Mat
    All levels class

  • Flow: Cool down • Sara Bravo • 25 min

    Kick-off your shoes and follow this 25-minute cool-down flow. Tune in closely to the changes in your physiology as you return to baseline. Notice as your heart rate and breathing slow down. How your body temperature and energy levels change. Pay close attention to all the ways in which your body ...

  • Flow: Core Burn • Susan LoPiccolo • 30min

    Get your core fired up in this all-level class. No equipment is needed and modifications are provided.